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"Sounds like someone I'd remember," Aggie replied, not answering the question. Then she nearly did a double take as a young woman answering that description emerged from the bedroom -only this one had her shirt nearly ripped off, her bra nowhere to be seen, her skirt hem tucked into its waistband, and the tips of her high heel pumps just barely scraping the floor. Her rapist propelled her slowly and silently toward the back of the open door, just barely blocked from Kirkorian's sight -one hand tightly over her multiply-gagged mouth and the other hand rooting deeply inside her soft, light brown beaver. Aggie forced herself to concentrate her gaze on Detective Kirkorian, who was looking carefully out the front door, trying to catch a glimpse of the woman who was now just on the other side of the apartment door, a tiny trickle of blood coming from one nostril to drool across the cloth covering her filled and sealed mouth. "See her?" Aggie asked the cop helpfully. "No...," said the blond, still looking outside. "Not yet." Aggie took the second to stare at the sibling and his victim. Chloe's eyes were rolled back into her head, her eyelids quivering. Her arms were still behind her, cuffed around his rapacious body. Her legs were still cuffed around his. He wore her sexy body like a robe as he crushed her lips and masturbated her already abused clit. She moaned from under his clamping hand. "Ohhhh," Aggie joined in, looking beyond a curious Kirkorian. "Maybe she's waiting for you outside." "Maybe...," the blond said slowly, alarms going off in her head. Aggie didn't give her a chance to formulate a theory. "Let me join you," she said quickly. "I gotta bring the garbage out anyway." "Yeah...okay," Kirkorian said carefully, as, no more than two feet away, a bound, gagged, comatose, and raped Chloe Kinsley was being vigorously molested.

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